Never Wash Dishes Again with Dawn Powerwash Dishspray

Never Wash Dishes Again with Dawn Powerwash Dishspray

Stevie D. Rosenfeld, Author

       I am, and always have been, averse to doing the dishes. I once volunteered to fold 4 loads of laundry rather than clean the 5 dishes in the sink. The thought of touching someone else’s dirty plates and leftovers makes my skin crawl. I would look for cheats and shortcuts, whether it be letting dishes “soak” for three days or pouring in soap and water without scrubbing. But recently, I found something that feels like a cheat but still cleans your dishes effectively. By simply spraying your dishes with “Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dishspray” and rinsing them, the dishes are entirely clean. So if you’re a dishwashing anti like me, this dish spray could keep clean plates in your cabinets. 


      Powerwash Dishspray costs about $5 for one 16 oz bottle, with a slight up or down tick depending on the retailer. Sixteen oz refill bottles come in packs of 5 or 6 and each pack costs about $30. 


      Dawn Powerwash Dishspray is the be-all-end-all of dish soap. It is the only soap you will ever need, but it does so much more for you than just wash dishes. The spray is so strong that simply rinsing dishes with it eliminates the need to use a dishwasher, and hand-washing dishes takes half as much time. This saves users both time and money, cutting down on water and cleaning product expenses. Additionally, the Powerwash Dishspray is just as effective in getting stains out of clothes quickly and cleaning up sticky spills. Jockeys have even used Platinum Dishspray to wash horses! It truly is a versatile product. 


      While I do recommend purchasing Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dishspray because of its superior qualities and natural easy use, there is a way to make a dishspray replica at home. The “at home” version consists of 2 tablespoons of Dawn Dish Soap, 1 tablespoon of Isopropyl Alcohol, and Distilled Water. Pour the alcohol and soap into a 16 oz spray bottle (possibly a used bottle of Platinum Powerwash Dishspray) and fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, leaving a half inch of empty space at the top. Shake the bottle gently until the ingredients combine, let sit for a few hours, and then your spray is ready to use. 


     Whether you love to wash dishes, or struggle to unstack the machine, Dawn Powerwash Dishspray is an incredible tool that everyone can benefit from and should consider purchasing.