What Is Friendship?

What Is Friendship?

What Friendship Really Is?

   Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust, respect, and support. Although, this is just a defined definition, let’s see what some of my friends feel friendship is. According to Sreeja, she feels “Friendship is when you and someone else are always there for each other and can trust each other.” Emily shares that in her opinion, “Friendship is having people to talk to and be there for you”. And lastly, Hailey thinks that “A friendship is when you and someone can have fun together and at the same time support each other”

   From these responses, it is easy to tell that not everyone’s perspective on friendship is the same. This means there are friendships for everyone and there is not one definition designated to the word “friendship”. Friendship is not a word, but a relationship between two people who trust, care, and can have fun together.

Is there only one type of friendship?

In fact, many people see friendship as a single thing, but that’s not completely true. There are actually many different types of friendships.

  • Acquaintance
  • Friends
  • Close Friends
  • Bestfriends

Although, there are many other different variations. 

Speaking about types of friendships, let’s see what people think would better their friendships.

   According to Emily “One thing that would better my friendship would be spending more time with the person and getting to know them better”. Hailey feels “Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from people in order to have space and a healthier friendship”. And lastly, Sreeja said, “Compromising to do things the other person wants, in order to both have a good time”. These are some good things that people may want in their friendships in order to make them stronger and have a better friendship with that person. 

What is a sign of a bad friendship?

   Sometimes friendships don’t last, or a long friendship breaks, and this is just part of life. Here are some things that people feel are signs of a bad friendship. 

   In Sreejas opinion “A bad friendship is when someone is always taking control and not letting you do anything or have your own opinion”. Emily agrees with Sreeja and says “A friendship should be about mutual respect while a bad friendship may not have that”. And Hailey feels that “A bad friendship is when you feel unhappy or feel pressured or uncomfortable when around that person”.

   I agree with everyone’s perspective and feel that a friendship should be a mix of both people and everyone should be heard and respected.