“Insidious: The Red Door” Maybe Time to Close the Door on the Franchise

    “Insidious: The Red Door” Maybe Time to Close the Door on the Franchise

    In 2023, ‘Insidious: The Red Door’ revisits the haunting aftermath of Josh Lambert’s possession. Divorced from Renai and grieving his mother Lorraine, Josh attempts to mend his strained relationship with his son Dalton by dropping him off at college, leading to a heated dispute. Meanwhile, in Dalton’s first art class, he unwittingly sketches the ominous red door to The Further, triggering a series of supernatural events. Tormented by a ghostly figure, Josh makes a startling discovery: the spirit haunting him is his long-lost father, Ben Burton. As Dalton explores astral projection, a frat party leads to a chilling encounter with a vomiting ghost, setting off a journey into The Further. A distressing call from Dalton’s brother Foster triggers a memory, resulting in a haunting painting that drags Dalton back into The Further, confronting a familiar demonic entity. The revelation of Josh’s father’s tragic end in a mental hospital and Renai’s emotional confession about the family’s shared ability to astral project lead to a perilous journey to save Dalton. Trapped in the demon’s lair, Dalton’s body is possessed, sparking a harrowing confrontation with Chris. A gripping showdown follows as Josh and Dalton strive to escape The Further by sealing the ominous red door to protect their family. Guided by his father’s spirit, Josh returns to the living world, reuniting with his family and hinting at a brighter future. The story concludes with a heartfelt moment as Dalton presents a painting depicting Josh rescuing a young Dalton from the clutches of The Further.


    I was initially excited about “Insidious: The Red Door” as it started with some good scares and jumps. However, it lost its ability to keep me scared as the story unfolded, becoming somewhat typical for a horror movie. It tried to balance darkness and light with its style choices and brought in a professor character to add depth briefly, but it didn’t hold my interest. By the end, it felt like the franchise was running out of steam, and the film worked better as a family drama than a horror flick. Despite its moments, it didn’t quite live up to its potential, and it’s probably time to close the door on this series.


    In summary, “Insidious: The Red Door” is a decent addition to the “Insidious” franchise. It kicks off with some effective scares and the trademark jump scares, but it loses some of its edge as the story unfolds. While it explores family trauma and memory loss, it eventually falls into the familiar patterns of standard horror movies. Despite having its moments, it falls short of fully realizing its potential, leaving viewers with a sense that it was just a mediocre installment in the series.


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