Snackeez Throwback

Snackeez Throwback

Stevie D. Rosenfeld, Author

    No one is more interested in “As Seen On TV” products than children, the appeal of such creative and fun products is too strong for a young brain. So naturally, as seen on TV products become core parts of childhood. One of these products is the Snackeez, a dual-action cup that holds both your drink and your snack, ensuring that neither one is spilled by a messy and over-eager child. 

    The Snackeez reached its peak during the mid-2010s after the release of a popular 2015 commercial that attracted both kids and parents. The peppy design and colors made it a must-have item for children, plus the bragging rights it gives them over other kids. Parents could appreciate the more practical applications; limiting spillage, creating a convenient method of giving children snacks, and keeping kids entertained and fed during otherwise boring time periods. They slowly petered out of production as sales went down, but are still available on the Snackeez website and Amazon. 

    Snackeez does have its nay-sayers, however. Several people who bought Snackeez as stocking stuffers for the 2020-2021 holiday season complained about factory and shipping errors that resulted in broken lids or faulty hinges. Others noted the weakness of the plastic, prone to cracking or breaking after a few bumps or falls. However, this is a small minority and the overall response to the product has been very positive. Many people appreciate the tight lid that prevents spillage and the fun children have with it.

     Snackeez aren’t necessarily a throwback, and they were never necessarily popular, but they definitely hold a place in the minds’ of 2000s kids and their parents. So to those looking for a reusable bottle, those with messy kids, or those simply looking to make snack time more interesting, consider investing in an innovative favorite: the Snackeez.