If school were a movie, what movie would we all be in and why?


This is a question that I was very curious to know the answer to from many students at Hauppauge High School. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, schools all around the world have been very different this year from wearing masks to school, schedule changes, and going to school virtually. 


I interviewed six people, asking them all that exact question to see what their responses were. The first person I had asked was Brian Lopez who is a freshman. Along with Brian, I also asked Avery Marchese who is also a freshman and they had both said ‘High School Musical’. Brian’s reasoning for choosing this movie was “because of how good our music program is”. Avery’s reasoning was “because everyone is welcoming and the facility is trying to make the most of it during covid.” The next person I had asked was Robbie Marietta who is also a freshman. He had said if school were a movie it would be ‘The Breakfast Club”. He has picked this movie because “everyone in the school has their own personality”. Next I asked Kay Barrett who is a sophomore and she responded by saying we would all be in the movie ‘The Purge’ “since everyone is killing each other with COVID”. Then, I interviewed Stevie Rosenfeld who is another freshman and she had said that if school were to be a movie it would be ‘I am Legend’ “due to the pandemic.” Lastly, I interviewed Abby Hartman who is a freshman. She had said ‘Finding Nemo’ because Nemo was a small fish in a big ocean and she felt the same way since she was new to the school, it felt really big to her and she got lost a few times in the beginning of the year. 


In my own opinion, if school were a movie, we would be in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ because in the movie, Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, faced extreme poverty and other obstacles throughout his life. Throughout the movie, the audience is able to watch him work hard everyday to succeed and get money. This reminds me of school because people face obstacles in school with test-taking, homework, managing your time wisely, etc. but in order to overcome all of those struggles, you have to put in the time and effort it takes to succeed. Also in school, no one doubts you and no one will give up on you. The teachers and all of the students will help if you’re struggling but you have to be willing to help yourself because giving up just isn’t an option. Especially now, due to COVID, it’s harder for students to adapt to a new learning environment.