New York State PitchIt! Essay Competition


The writers of The Soaring Eagle participated in the New York State PitchIt! Essay competition. 

Students’ voice is a catalyst for positive change in schools and communities. For this reason, the News Literacy Project hosts a writing contest to empower New York students to be civically informed and engaged.

The PitchIt! The New York student essay contest is an opportunity for students to write about some of the most important topics of our time and explore how they can help combat misinformation or work to protect the freedom of the press.

I am so proud to announce that two of the writers won the competition in New York State! This week they will prepare for the Grand Prize Event! I am so proud of you ladies.


Winners New York State High Division – 

1st Place – Stevie Donna Rosenfeld 

Essay Topic – Implicit Bias Impacting Interpretation

2nd Place – Emily Messana

Essay Topic –The Role of Media in Our Society and How it Affects Us Today