The Role of Media in Our Society and How it Affects Us Today


Emily Messana, Writer

Media plays an important role in our everyday life and can affect how people are viewed. Although the media can provide us with valuable information, it can also change how you are seen by other people and can largely affect young children. Being responsible consumers and producers of information in the digital age can be difficult but is an important factor in protecting your digital footprint. To be responsible with media means to be careful with what you post, create values as to what you will believe online, and be mindful of what you will share with others. 

A digital footprint is something that people of all ages should be aware of. One’s digital footprint is the trail of information and posts you leave on the internet. (“What is a digital footprint? And how to protect it from hackers”). It is very important to be cautious of what you post and comment as it can be saved even on private accounts. Many people think that just because they delete something, it is gone forever. This is something that many people have mistaken and it should be understood that the things you post are never officially gone. Anyone can screenshot, save or send something you post in the time it is on the internet. (“What is a digital footprint? And how to protect it from hackers”). 

The media can have a large influence on younger children. When researching online, articles can change people’s behaviors, attitudes, and sometimes even values or morals. Media also has a large impact on younger children and as technology becomes more available to children at a younger age, they are in a more vulnerable place as they see things online. (“The Impact of Technology on Children”).  In today’s world, technology is easily accessible to most children whether it be through school devices or home devices. According to the article, “The Impact of Technology on Children”, more than 50% of children have a cell phone by the age of 11. This can have a large impact on children who are growing and learning about the world around them. Learning in school through technology can be difficult for many and can also affect how children process information. 

 In today’s time, many younger children have access to technology whether it be for school or just at-home access. This access at a young age can affect sleep, eating habits, and learning habits. Although some programs can be helpful with learning, there are many disadvantages that are seen (“Impact of Media Use on Children and Youth”). 

You have to be careful and mindful of what you post/share. What you post online is visible to everyone and can more often than not be shared beyond your own control. As we post online, others have the ability to screenshot even if you delete what you had shared. Many teenagers have experienced trouble with posting online as it can affect their future opportunities such as college or jobs. When posting online, your posts are visible to everyone, even if you have a private account. It is also possible for someone to misunderstand something you share which could cause an argument when you did not really mean what you posted. It is so important to be mindful of what we post as the internet is forever (“Mindful Sharing: 5 Reasons To Be Careful About What You Post Online”).

It is important to create values and learn how to research responsibly online. Not everything you see online is always true. There are many times when anyone can edit information which can be deceiving. It is important to find what you believe is true and understand how you want to act when researching online. When using technology, what you believe is always up to you, yet this doesn’t mean that everything online is false. There are many great websites that can give you true information but it is important to fact-check these websites and see how reliable they really are. 

In conclusion, the world we live in today is very open to new technology and the Internet. This may be perceived as a negative aspect, but there are many ways to protect yourself online. To be responsible consumers and producers of information in the digital age we must always understand how the media can affect younger ages, be mindful of what we post, and be careful with what you will believe online. 

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