Teacher Appreciation – Mr. Lynch


Who is Mr.Lynch?
Mr. Lynch is a variety of qualities that melt into making a combination of a high school English teacher, but also a friend. Mr. Lynch studied and graduated with a GPA he deemed unsuccessful at the University of Buffalo, but utilized his persistence to attain his goals. He used not reaching a goal as motivation to attend both Stony Brook University and Columbia and graduate with an impressive degree and his dream job in mind. Mr. Lynch now teaches IB English I and 10th-grade English at Hauppauge High School.

Teaching Method
Mr. Lynch adamantly teaches his students to focus on learning, and not on the grade. Lynch emphasizes creativity in his student’s work and is always willing to go the extra mile to not only prevent his students from being stressed but to also make sure his students enjoy the learning environment they are in. His teaching style helps his students thrive and focus on doing work they are proud of, and as he says, the grade comes along with that. Whether it be an extension of an assignment or working to help students complete their thoughts, Lynch is always there to lend a helping hand. He has quickly adjusted to his first year teaching at Hauppauge and will only grow as he gains experience from the standard he has achieved in so little time.

Mr. Lynch’s impact on his students, specifically myself, is one that simply can not be forgotten. Lynch’s impact on his students extends beyond the classroom and helped me to become more self-motivated when doing my work. By knowing my best work is appreciated and I am not held to an unrealistic standard, my stress levels have decreased, and the quality of my work has increased. Although I’ve never had a teacher like Mr. Lynch, I wish I had experienced his teaching earlier. My thinking has become more analytical and my confidence when presenting has increased. With silly exercises like reading a paragraph of nonsense to a class, my anxiety presenting well-created work has decreased which is something I’ve never really been able to do. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone creating work, and will likely continue to for the rest of my life-including that outside of education. Outside of his teaching style, he is extremely reliable and understanding of extraneous circumstances. Whether it be printing a paper I forgot to, do or reminding me to prioritize my mental health. He truly has made a lasting impact on all of his students aside from myself by creating a comfortable classroom environment to learn and express yourself.