HVG Senior Meet


About The Gymnastics Team 

Before getting into all about the Senior Meet, let me introduce you to the Hauppauge Varsity Gymnastics Team. The Hauppauge Gymnastics team is a varsity sport coached by Amanda Hemp. She has been coaching gymnastics for many years, at the high school level and at many privately owned gymnastics centers. On the team, there are girls with a range of skills and talents, because of this different people compete in different events, and only a selected amount of girls compete all around. This means they compete in the vault, floor, beam, and bars. This team is a lot of fun and as Victoria Rivera said “creates friendships I will never forget.” 

What is Senior Meet?

Many people don’t know what senior meet is because they either never have heard about it or are used to hearing about senior night or game. A senior meet, night, or game are basically all the same things. It is a night that the seniors are celebrated. Usually, posters are made by other teammates with a funny picture of them together or professionally made posters with a picture of the senior in their uniform and their name. Other than the poster, the gym (if played in the gym) is decorated with balloons and streamers followed by all different kinds of decorations. For most senior nights, all the seniors get to play in the game or get to compete. This night is very fun and full of sadness, memories, happiness, and friendship.

How Does Senior Meet Work For HVG?

For the Hauppauge High School seniors, it takes weeks to plan and it brings together the whole team. The co-captain of the team is the person in charge of paying for everything that is needed for the senior meet. This includes streamers, balloons, decorations for the locker room, and everything else. They are also in charge of collecting pictures from anyone on the team to print out for the poster that will be made. As well as getting the pictures, and the decorations, the co-captain also buys gifts for the seniors. This year the seniors got a custom cup, t-shirt, favorite candy, car accessory, and a candle. The co-captain put all of the presents in a basket and then it was time to make the posters. Usually, the team comes together at someone’s house and make the poster, gluing the pictures on and writing funny comment all over the posters. When the senior meet comes, the whole team comes together to decorate the gym and locker room. As Riley Minor said, “it is such a fun experience.” 

How to join 

If you are a student of Hauppauge High School, and you think you got what it takes to be on the gymnastics team, come next year to tryouts. The team is always looking for girls with gymnastics or cheer experience that are willing to put the effort into an amazing season.