How To Manage Your Time


Sofia Cambareri, Author

    Are you constantly worried about handing in assignments on time, catching the bus, getting enough sleep, and so much more? Well, don’t fear! You can get all the help you need on improving your time management if you continue reading this article!

Create A Schedule

     Of course, there are many different ways to improve your time management skills, but one of the most efficient ways is to create a schedule. According to, carrying a planner or journal with you during your day can make your life 10 times easier! Just write down a simple to-do list of everything you want to accomplish throughout the day, and check them off as you do each task! It’s as simple as that. Creating a schedule will help you split up your time to do each activity you need to.

Squeeze in some breaks

       Yes, you need to get all of your work done and more, but try to fit some break time in there. Whether it’s to relax in your backyard, take a shower, grab a snack, or take a nap, breaks are something that you will find very useful as the workload gets heavier. You can’t stress yourself out by doing project after project, and homework after homework. You deserve to give some time to yourself. As stated by, once your break time is over, you can enter your next activity with a new perspective in mind, helping you develop new habits. 

Say No!

     Many people who are under stress and feeling overwhelmed tend to take on more responsibilities and work to prove themselves, impress their bosses/teachers, and make a good impression. If you are already under stress, with lots of assignments and work, say NO! Learning to say no is one really big step to help you improve your time management. If you are already struggling with managing your time, taking on more work from the pressure of others isn’t going to help with that! Go at your pace, and in no time, you’ll be three steps closer to improving your time management.