3 Fun Acitivities to do for Spring Break


Abram Pimentel, Writer

Set up a bird feeder:    

Bird feeders are a good way of attracting birds to your yard. They can be attached to trees with a rope, attached to fences, windows, and set on the ground. You can place the feeder with a view from your window. However, you should know the safety of the birds should come first before wanting to place the bird feeder anywhere. Consider hawks, cats, and even windows can cause a threat because birds can’t see glass. When getting a bird feeder there are a wide variety to choose from. There are tube bird feeders that cost 20 up to 80 dollars. For bird seed, there is a kind that has a variety of seed that attracts different kinds of birds instead of one kind of bird. A small bag of bird seed can cost 10 up to 35 dollars.


The reason to feed birds is to attract them to your yard, and enjoy their beauty and behavior. Also you are helping them out during the winter months when food may be harder to find for birds. 


Feed the Ducks and Geese: 

This is a nice entertaining activity to do during the day and to see how geese and ducks interact in flocks. One way you can come close to one is to feed them by placing food on the ground or by feeding them by hand. However the problem is many people give ducks the wrong food, that can be unhealthy for them to eat. Some food that ducks and geese shouldn’t be fed is bread and junk food because food like bread and crackers have no nutritional value and can cause painful deformities if consumed too much. Some things that you can feed ducks are birdseed, cracked corn, oats, frozen peas, chopped lettuce and sliced grapes. These are some similar natural foods that ducks will forage for.


Fun to watch them in groups and of course offer them a meal! 


Go to the park:

Getting out for a walk in the park and getting some fresh air can make your day better. Some other things to do in the park are to play soccer with some friends, basketball, run, and if you have a dog, take him for a walk!


  • It’s good for exercise 
  • Lightens your mood
  • Exposure to wildlife improves psychological and social health