Le Grand Concours


Amelia Helmke, Author

The following students have placed in the National French Exam, a yearly competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French! Congrats!


Level 2:     

Elliott Tafla – 9th in Suffolk County – Honorable Mention

Abigail Hartman – Honorable Mention

Victoria Rivera – Honorable Mention


Level 3:

Riya Takhar – 4th in Suffolk County- National Rank 8th – Silver

Amanda Forgione – 9th in Suffolk County – Honorable Mention

Navya Gautam – Honorable Mention

Jenna Marino – Honorable Mention

Emma Munro – Honorable Mention

Dharmik Namineni – Honorable Mention


Level 4

Adriana Durney – 11th grade – National Rank 17- Bronze

Sahishnu Sagiraju – 11th grade – Honorable Mention

Varsha Saravanan -11th grade – 10th in Suffolk County -Honorable Mention


Level 5:

Noah Schwartzapfel – 1st in Suffolk County – National Rank 9th -Silver

Alex Vasilakopoulos – 3rd in Suffolk County – Bronze

Ligia Camacho Lopez – 4th in Suffolk County – Bronze