Oedipus The King and Peter Pan


In the two pieces of literature, Oedipus The King and Peter Pan, the common theme of avoiding reality is shown.

In Oedipus the king it is shown that his destiny is that he killed his father and married his mother. He fulfilled the prophecy of the sphinx and was granted the marriage to Queen Jocasta who ended up being his mother and became king. Throughout this story, Oedipus had tried to find who murdered the former king Laius. Eventually, he realizes that there may be a possibility that he was the one who had killed him. He did not want to face this truth. When finding that out he had also found out that he was married to his mother. His mother had left Oedipus on a mountain in hope of murdering him. He had a new family and grew up to be the man he was. When finding out all truth, instead of facing reality he decided to gauge his eyes out so he could not see reality. 

Peter Pan is a classic story about kids going to a fantasy world called neverland. Neverland is a place where you stay young forever. They do not want to face the reality of growing up and having to live a life, not as a carefree child. Once there becomes problems w Captain hook the kids begin to miss their old life and reminisce over their life at home. Eventually, they feel okay with the idea of growing up.

Both stories represent the theme of avoiding reality but in Oedipus when facing troubles he had turned away from them and blinded himself from the truth but when the kids in Peter Pan were faced with the trouble they faced them and went back to their reality.