How to Help Someone Through an Anxiety Attack


In today’s society, many people suffer from some form of anxiety. However, it’s hard for people who don’t experience an anxiety disorder to understand how hard it can be. In a lot of cases, it can be challenging to help someone through an anxiety attack. This is what inspired us to write a couple of ways to help someone through an anxiety attack.

When trying to help someone through an anxiety attack, you never want to force them to open up to you. When you force someone to open up to you, you might think it helps, but it can cause someone’s situation to worsen. It may cause them to completely close off to you or become even more anxious. However, it would help if you still asked them what happened. If they do tell you, it will help you better understand their situation and figure out ways you might help them. But never pressure them. If they choose to confide in you, make sure you listen to them. It may be hard for them to open up to people, so you should listen if they open up to you. When you listen, it shows them that you are returning their trust.

If the person you’re helping opens up to you, you should never judge them. Different things stress out different people, and what they’re stressed about may not make you anxious. Even if it doesn’t stress you out, you should still listen to them and let them know you won’t judge them. And never tell someone that they’re overreacting. Saying “You’re just overreacting” is one of the worst things you can say to someone with anxiety. It minimizes and completely ignores their problem. It’s a terrible thing to say to someone when they’re having a rough time.

When someone is deep into an anxiety attack, you may be wondering how you can help them. There are many ways to help. One thing you can do is try to distract them. Talk about something they like or something that will keep their mind off their stressors. Being distracted from the stressors may help to lower the extent of the anxiety attack. Another option is to bring them somewhere quiet. Anxiety attacks can happen in a multitude of places, and sometimes they happen in crowded areas. In a lot of cases, being in a crowded environment can worsen anxiety. That’s why it can be very beneficial to go to a quiet place. It’s less demanding and more relaxing. One final tip is to play music or turn on a TV. Music is a very positive outlet for many people, and it’s helpful to release emotions through music. TV is a very distracting stimulant for people. It’s very easy to get distracted from everything in life while watching something on TV. And that can play a crucial part in getting rid of an anxiety attack.
Personal boundaries are an essential thing for many people. And when anxiety attacks happen, it’s important to remember boundaries. Give them space. Don’t go overboard with questions or physical affection. You should try and avoid going overboard because it can quickly tire someone out, especially when they’re already anxious. And while you may be tempted to hug them, don’t do it unless you’re sure they’re okay with it. When in an anxious state, some people become very alert to any physical contact. In some cases, it can make them more uncomfortable. You should try and ask them what you can do to help. It’s far more respectful to them and can help them out a lot.

Anxiety disorders are becoming more and more prominent in today’s society. We hope you will use some of this advice to help anyone you know who may be suffering from an anxiety attack.