Zip It, Lock It, Put It In Your Polly Pocket!


Amelia Helmke, Author

Product Features

The Polly pocket is a small, pocket-sized, hard plastic doll with rubber clothes and other accessories. They’re designed specifically for what their name is, to fit into your pocket. The creator, Chris Wiggs, designed them originally for his daughter. The toys come in a variety of skin and hair colors/styles. They could be bought alone or in a pack, and they came pre-dressed with clothes and accessories. The doll packs usually included more accessories to put on the doll, such as extra clothes and purses.

Popularity and Price Margin

Polly pockets were popular during the 1990’s period. They were designed in 1983 by Chris Wiggs and were first developed in 1989. The toys were popular among little girls around the ages of four and up. The toy is designed for ages four and up because of the dolls’ size and accessories. They are tiny and can be considered a choking hazard. The toys were popular from when they came out until the toys were discontinued in 1998. Bluebird Toys initially made them, but when Mattel took over the company in 1998, that’s when the toys were discontinued. When they were still being sold, the dolls could be bought for around ten to forty dollars. Now, if you’re looking to purchase Polly pockets, they are being sold for as much as almost four thousand dollars and higher.

Pros and Cons

The toys were easy to carry around due to their small size, and they were most likely less of a hassle for parents to deal with since the dolls were so tiny. The dolls came with small outfits and purses and other accessories, so the person playing with them could dress them up however they would like, which would spark creativity. The dolls were also enjoyed because they could be carried around with other dolls in carrying cases that they came in. The cons of this toy are that the pieces can easily get lost, and since they are also so tiny, they can be a choking hazard if the child is not careful with them. The purpose of the toy is to be pocket-sized and easily carried around.