There’s no play like: Nintendo DS

Theres no play like: Nintendo DS

Description/Key Features/Benefits

The DS is a product of nintendo. It has a screen on both the top and bottom and the bottom is a touch screen.  The regular original DS did not come with a camera but the updated DSI came with a camera and microphone. With the DS came a stylus pen to use while touching the screen. This comes in many different colors including Electric blue, Candy pink, Lava red and many more. On the DS you are able to play games. There is a slot in the back where you can insert the games. The games come separately from the DS itself. 

Popularity Time period

The DS was popular for many years. It first came out on November 21 2004. In late 2004, there were 1 million sold in the US, and 2.8 million sold globally. The popularity of the DS lasted for many years but they stopped being produced in 2011. 

Price information

Around the time of the original release date the DS cost around $149.99. If you look on amazon today, you can buy one for around the same price. Each game was around $34.