Student Spotlight: “If You Were Principal, What Would You Change About The School?”

Student Spotlight: If You Were Principal, What Would You Change About The School?

Stevie D. Rosenfeld, Author

     Everyone has something they dislike about their school or job, and everyone thinks “If I were in charge, things would be different.” Hauppauge isn’t the exception, students have their own suggestions and complaints, and they should be heard. So, the Soaring Eagle asked them; “If you were principal, what would you change about the school?”

 Eating and Education

     Tale as old as time, better school lunches were highly requested. Freshman Daniela Silva said that she would “change the food, make it better.” She felt that “A lot of things are burnt or don’t look like they were made well.” While no one expects school lunches to be 5-star-quality, students would like some variety. Garrett Browne decided that if he were principal, he would “Make sure the vending machines always have good snacks… Before we were quarantined they put new snacks in the vending machine every week.” Obviously COVID has caused a hit to lunchtime fun and food. Many students said they would give more time to eat lunch. Sadiq Shaik took a break from his lunch period to tell us that he would “probably change how lunch works, it feels pretty disconnected having these separate rooms rather than one large space. We just seem so divided.” There’s only so much that can be done in this time, but it is interesting to see just how many students would make changes relating to food if they were principal.

The Ladies

     After asking what students would change if they were principal via anonymous board, there were a surprising number of responses regarding feminism. Students wanted to “make sure consent culture is taught,” “teach all inclusive history,” and, of course, “let girls show their shoulders.” Principals don’t have control over curriculum, but assemblies and announcements regarding these issues are entirely possible. Hauppauge is a relatively small district, so it is important that female voices be heard by administration, because there aren’t many other people they can go to.

Quarantine Kids

    Unsurprisingly, many students claim they would have had a different plan for handling COVID-19 if they were principal. Senior Joseph Battaglia says “I would probably change the scheduling back to the 9 periods because I feel like if it’s five periods students don’t stay focused as much as if it were a 40 minute period, they just zone out after a bit.” Abigail Hartman agreed, adding that the 70 minute periods are “too long and tiring.” Other students wanted to “bring lockers back in some way,” or “give seniors their yearbook quote.” There’s so much teens want to change about life right now, it makes sense that school would be included.


     Principals deal with a lot, and so do students. I’m sure Mr.Cook knows, or thinks he knows, exactly what he would do if he were a Hauppauge student just as students know what they would do as principal. Maybe by considering each other’s opinions, students, teachers, and administrators could find a common ground.