A Hundred Reasons To Watch The 100


Amelia Helmke, Author

 The show’s start takes place in a space station after a nuclear war destroys Earth’s habitability. This space station holds what they assume is the last of the human race. To retest the Earth’s habitability around 97 years later, the space station’s administration decides to send one hundred juvenile teenagers down to Earth. The juveniles learn to survive the harsh environment of the Earth, combat against violent grounders(what they call the humans who survived the nuclear blasts that were on Earth when they landed), and maintain communication with the Ark(the name of the space station). They learn how to live in the wild and obtain natural resources while also struggling against the grounders’ territorialism and hostility and the other groups of human survivors, such as the reapers and the group in Mount Weather. All of which do not want them on Earth. If you’re into post-apocalyptic shows, drama, fiction, etc., this is the show for you. While the show focuses on taking us along with them on their journey, they also face personal obstacles. The formation and deformation of friendships, finding out who they love and hate, a multitude of arguments, and disagreements over how to handle things. At this time, there was no one set in command, and since they’re all delinquent teenagers, some want to abstain from having rules. If you’ve read Lord of The Flies by William Golding, you would know that an ungoverned society doesn’t go too well at the end of the day, in terms of the favor of peace and what some people think is best. You can imagine what unmonitored teenagers would be doing. This new place spurs up all different kinds of emotions for them, and the various situations allow them to see each other for who they are. 

 The show first premiered in March 2014, whereas the latest season aired in May of this year(2020). A majority of the filming for the show took place in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 

With Bob Morley and Eli Goree cast as Bellamy Blake and Wells Jaha in late February of 2013, the casting process began. Their role castings were preceded by the cast of Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane, Eliza Taylor, and Marie Avgeropoulos cast as Clarke Griffin and Octavia Blake. The remainder of the cast was fitted out throughout March, with Paige Turco cast as Abigail, Isaiah Washington as Chancellor Jaha.