Stranger Things Review


Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror streaming television series and it is one of the popular shows on Netflix. Stranger Things is set in the ’80s and one of the four children attending the same middle school is missing in a quiet rural village called Hawkins, and the story unfolds. Strange things happen while searching for the child who suddenly disappeared, and a girl with supernatural powers appears.

Four best friends, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, and Will Byers play games in Mike’s basement as usual. And they are on their way home in the evening when Will goes missing. Will’s mother reports to the police and Jim Hopper and the police start an investigation. While looking for Will, the three children meet a child named Eleven with superpowers and find him with his help. 

Jonathan takes his camera around the woods where Will has disappeared and goes to Steve Harrington’s house. There he meets Mike’s sister Nancy and her best friend Barbara. Barbara sits outside the house in the pool and suddenly disappears, and Nancy tries to find Barbara.

Meanwhile, Joyce sees a message from Will telling him to run away, and then a monster comes out of the wall and runs away. Nancy also sees a monster in a photo taken by Jonathan. And Jonathan and Nancy go into the woods to find the monster. They tried to build and kill the weapons to kill the monster, but they failed to kill it.

Hopper and Joyce look for Will, and lab personnel look for Eleven and other boys. The moment they try to shoot the children with a gun, Eleven kills them all. Suddenly, the walls begin to crumble, and the monsters that followed the blood appear. Eleven goes away with them while fighting with the monsters.

Hopper and Joyce find Will and take him to the hospital. Will is all better and the four boys go back to their routine and Mike misses Eleven. But when Will vomits, he has a hunch that something strange will happen again.

The good things about watching Stranger Things are conversation, music, acting, and detailed directing. There are many scenes of people talking in the show, and it was impressive that the children were talking. They respect each other’s opinions and they trust and help each other. The reason why music is good in the show was that it was easier to understand because similar scenes were expressed in similar music, and music seems to have made the atmosphere of the show the most detailed. The actors’ performances were excellent, and the details of props, music, costumes, and so on were also excellent.

People in the world are all created differently and people are diverse. And we need each other because we are different. Nancy paid attention to Jonathan, who nobody cared about him, and the four main characters respected each other’s opinions. That is how the show seems to have ended with a good ending.