Teacher Appreciation – Ms. Scanlon


Ms. Scanlon, an English teacher, currently teaches AP Language and Composition and College Freshman English at Hauppauge High School. As someone who has been teaching for 25 years, Ms. Scanlon is the perfect example of a teacher you can look up to. Located in room 317, Ms. Scalon constantly stands as a support system for her students. Whether it may be to lighten their mood or listen to their problems, she never fails to remind you that she is there for you if you need someone.

 Teaching method

Ms. Scanlon is the kind of teacher that makes learning enjoyable for a student. While the main goal is getting ready for our end-of-the-year tests, Scanlon also makes sure that a student does not overwork themselves and genuinely enjoys their classroom environment. She educates her students through literary pieces of work, essay-writing tips, and even personal anecdotes that help students realize their true potential. Many of her students feel the same way. For example Sofia Dessart, a student in her 3rd-period AP Lang class describes her as “a teacher who puts time into making sure all her students are successful”. To put it plainly, Ms. Scalon is a teacher who many of her students admire. 

Personal experience 

During my time in Scanlon’s class, she has taught me many lessons that will stick with me throughout my life. In her class, you will learn many life lessons along with the material assigned through the curriculum. In my opinion, Scalon is a teacher that you can rely on not only academically but also if you need some advice on personal issues. Along with increasing my analytical skills, she has also helped me with writing essays in quicker periods of time and through these methods, I felt very confident taking my AP Lang test. Overall, Scalon was someone who I could rely on not only as a teacher but also as a friend.