Teacher Appreciation Week – Mrs. Lynch


In honor of teacher appreciation week, I have decided to write an article honoring Mrs. Lynch to thank her for her outstanding teaching and for being such a great teacher here at Hauppauge High School. 

Mrs. Lynch works in the English department at our High School and teaches IB Language and Literature 1, Creative Writing, and College Freshman Journalism. She is a co-advisor of the National Honor Society and of best buddies. Mrs. Lynch keeps her classroom very comfortable and calming which makes it easier for students to get their work done, and she allows us to work independently which I really enjoy. Her teaching style really helps students work to form their own opinions and get a better understanding of how to analyze different pieces of literary works. She teaches by talking and explaining to her students in a group setting rather than using a slideshow or writing out notes on the board during class, which really helps me out because I am a better auditory learner than I am a visual one.

I am in my junior year of high school and this is my first year having Mrs. Lynch. She is my IB Lang and Lit teacher, and I wish I could’ve had her earlier in my high school years because she is not only wonderful at what she does, but she is a great person. She is somebody that I feel comfortable talking to in case of any situation, and she is a teacher in our school that I feel like I could go to for anything, and she would truly listen. Mrs. Lynch has had an influence on me this year because she has taught me so many things I didn’t know, and she has helped me guide my way through my junior year so much easier. She understands the stressful loads of work that students get throughout the year, and she has made it easier for me to complete my assignments by giving a good amount of time to work on them. She has taught me that is important to stand up for yourself and that it is okay to not have a plan for what you want to do yet. Mrs. Lynch cares about her students so much and it shows. 

It feels good to know that there are so many teachers in our Hauppauge community that care about their students, so this is a thank you to Mrs. Lynch and to so many teachers out there for caring for their students and pushing them to do their best. Happy teacher appreciation week!