Teacher Appreciation – Mrs. Kaminski


Who is Mrs. Kaminski?

    Mrs. Kaminski is an English teacher here at Hauppauge High School and teaches a variety of grade levels. She is also the head of the school newspaper, The Soaring Eagle, which many students, including myself, are involved in. She is a fun teacher to have and many students kick off their high school career with one of her 9th-grade classes. You can find her around the English wing to pop in and have a chat. 

Teaching Method

     Mrs. Kaminski always encourages her students to concentrate on learning subjects they find interesting. She emphasizes a more fun way of learning and creativity in her students’ work and is always willing to go above to do so. The many stories she assigns in her journalism class that the students choose are one example. The way she teaches encourages students to succeed and keep their attention on producing work they are pleased with. Mrs. Kaminski is there to assist students at all times, whether it be with coming up with an idea for your article or helping interpret a text, she’s there.


     Mrs. Kaminski has a lasting impact on all her students. Her classroom is a safe space for many students to come and hang out, either in class or out. Mrs. Kaminski has always made writing fun, all the articles we write in journalism help us express ourselves. She always promotes us to have fun and that has given me a better outlook on writing. I simply don’t see it as an assignment, but as a way to communicate either our opinions or to inform others about a topic. Taking journalism and having her for a second time has improved my time in high school as the class is very calm and relaxing. If you are considering taking one of her classes, she is an awesome teacher who is accepting and will always help you.