Teacher Appreication – Ms. Brady

Teacher Appreication - Ms. Brady

The person I am writing about is Mrs. Brady who is my reading teacher. She teaches me so much and helps me through what we are working on. Mrs. Brady takes her time with me and knows when I don’t get something she knows how to make it easier for me to understand it. Her teaching skills are very good and organized. Every other day for practice we do spelling, charting, etc “ which means reading words from that unit out loud to her”, dictation is a mix of spelling, sentences, and nonsense words to spell which are somehow easier than the real ones.

If I ever have to talk about something random in my life that is going on she always listens and we have a fun time talking about it. For example, when she said she got her Taylor Swift Tickets I was so excited for her because I knew how badly she wanted to get them and I was really happy for her. She is not mean at all, she is nice and always kind to me and my other classmate. When I walk into that class it is my favorite because the work is not as bad as I think it is. Some days are harder than others but I get through it. My skills have changed over the months and have been improving a lot. I have some more things I need to work on this year and next even though I won’t have her next year I will promise to visit her for a snack or just to chat during passing periods because I know she would love to see me! She has really influenced me as a student and I’m happy she was my teacher for reading this year.