The Last of Us Game Review – By Dillan Sarrett

The Last of Us Game Review - By Dillan Sarrett

Sofia Cambareri, Editor

The Last of Us is a video game which follows characters Joel and Ellie, who are living through a Zombie apocalypse. Joel is a man who lost his daughter at the very beginning of the apocalypse, which happened to start on his birthday, and Ellie is the leader’s daughter of a strong group called the Fireflies. These zombies are mutated, which presents a much graver danger to humans than your standard run-of-the-mill zombie. The two main types of zombies in this apocalypse are Runners and Clickers. While Runners are freshly-turned zombies, Clickers are blind zombies who use echolocation and sound to track their prey; they are very similar to bats in this sense. In the beginning of the game, Joel and his friend Tess take a job from a woman named Marlene where they have to deliver Ellie back to the Fireflies. But while on the journey to the Fireflies, Tess gets bitten by a zombie and sacrifices herself to protect Joel and Ellie from a hoard of Runners and Clickers.

The game recently got a new update which gave it better animations, models, and sounds, as well as much better graphics/frame rates. (The old graphics are on the left side of the picture below, and the new graphics are on the right in the image below.) The new graphics in the game have 4k hdr and a refresh rate of 60hz, and you have the option to lower the graphics and change the refresh rate to 120hz. I think that the ability to choose between both modes is a very nice touch and very helpful to players some people prefer frames over quality. The graphics in the game are very noticeable and are a huge step up from the remake. The characters look much more human and detailed. The sound effects are also much more realistic and have much better quality. Another great part of the remake is that It also has 3d audio which adds to the immersive experience because if there is an explosion to your left you will hear it in your left headphone. This change is very nice compared to the old mono audio that played the sound effects in both headphones. There is also no delay or pauses in the game; When the sound effects are supposed to play, they play instantly. 

The playability of the game is amazing because it accommodates modes for those with disabilities, which allows almost anyone to have access to enjoy this game! For more experienced players there are modes that make it harder. There is also a mode called Permadeath, where if you die, you have to fully restart the game. Beginners can play the games easily by choosing an easy mode and turning on tips. Changing these will allow the new players to have a better experience because it makes the enemies weaker and less accurate and makes the game much more forgiving and less harsh. It also helps because it offers tips as you play. For those who are deaf, the game has a ring that shows where certain sounds are coming from, and it has visual sound effects as well as haptic feedback. Someone who is visually impaired can turn on a setting called on “screen prompts read out.” Turning this on will allow lines and other things on the screen to be read out loud for the player to hear. They can also turn on navigation assistance to help them traverse the world.

In all honesty, while there are basically no negatives to this game, there are a few things that they could have added to improve their game, such as adding a multiplayer mode to the game since you are always playing the game with two characters. If they added a multiplayer

mode, then the game would appeal to more players and improve levels of playability. More people would buy the game since they are able to play it with their friends which would be beneficial for both the players and the company since they are making more

money and more people get to play with their friends.

In my opinion, The Last of Us is an amazing game that is almost flawless! It has incredible graphics, frames, and playability. Most players enjoyed the game and have no c

omplaints. It easily has one of the best stories and has some of the most likable characters. This game is a 10 out of 10, and I would highly recommend trying it.