Summer Breeze


What is summertime? First off and the best no school you don’t have to worry about tests, homework or waking up early. You can do what you want and stay up as late as you want with no care in the world. It’s the best time of the year. People can’t wait until that bell rings and you are let go of everything for a whole 2 and a half months. Doing whatever you want every day until late at night knowing the next day you can do it over again. That’s the fun part of it overall.

What to do in the summer?

There are so many things to do in the summer. For starters you can go to the beach with your friends early in the morning and spend the day there or go late at night and watch the sunset which is so beautiful with the ocean so open with nothing in the way to take that sunset picture and that wind in your hair and the smell of the ocean is very nice. Another thing you could do is go away somewhere mostly somewhere hot and warm with your family or friends it a fun thing is get away from the place you have been all year or even if you already went away it’s still nice to have a change in setting for a little while to get away from everyone and just relax and enjoy yourself. Overall hanging out with people, going away, and just being outside the whole summer is the best thing you can do until you go back to school. 

Why do some people dislike summer?

Some people dislike summer maybe because of the hot air or the humidity that sticks to you and the hot metal on cars. Some people are madder in the summer because it’s way too hot when the temperature is above 90 some people are not themselves. When it gets hot some things are uncomfortable to do like sitting on a car seat because how hot it is on the slide is 1000 degrees hot and you can’t slide down it without getting your butt on fire. It may be that you always have to wear shorts on tank tops because it’s so hot and you can’t wear sweatshirts as often as before. A lot of people don’t like to wear shorts but sometimes they don’t have a choice. According to Vanderbilt University, people have increased frustration and anger in the summer months. Increased heart rate, which leads to discomfort. Being uncomfortable can affect how you express yourself and color the way others interpret your words and actions.

Why do people love summer so much?

Summer means no school, and no worries, that’s why so many people love it so much. People get outside so much more and activities are endless to what you can do, beach trips and hanging out with friends until late at night not worrying about what time it is or caring to get home and worrying about a test the next day or homework you forgot to do. It says lighter out quicker so you can be outside with the sun all day being social is a big thing because you can meet a lot of people at festivals you go to or places you go because everyone is out 24/7 no one wants to suck inside a hot, sticky house they wanna be outside. The food is the best thing because watermelon is so fresh, ice cream trucks are around the neighborhood all day every day and it is so cold and refreshing down your throat. Most of all you can relax even if it’s by yourself in the sun and have nothing to think about just as you waited for that day to come when you were in school.