Burger-Fi Review by Ethan Baum


Parker Smith, Editor

Have you been looking for juicy burgers, fresh fries, and a happy, energetic environment? Well, if so, come on down to Burger-fi in Commack! The burgers are fresh, never frozen, and the fries are cut fresh daily. The staff is highly energetic and always working to serve you the best burger-fi experience you could ask for. When you walk in, you are always greeted with a smile. The employees listen intently and always make sure to get your order correct. With the wide variety of options on the menu, it may be difficult to choose, so don’t be afraid to ask the opinions of those working there.

After ordering you get to take a seat in the clean and modern dining room, and the line chefs quickly prepare your meal. Starting from the second the patty hits the grill, every aspect of your meal is made by a chef’s hand. The masterfully-crafted burgers and the perfectly done fries make it quite the ideal meal for those looking for a high-quality burger. With the different seasonings, toppings, and even cuts of meat used for the burger, it’s tricky not to find something you like. You may have to try everything a few times before it becomes clear which is your favorite burger, but I guarantee you will like quite a few combinations. After the food is prepped and ready to serve, it will either be brought out to you by the delightful front worker or bagged up and packaged for takeout. Whichever it is, Burgerfi promises that you will receive one of the best burgers of your life! They don’t just have burgers they also have an incredible milkshake station as well. With all the different milkshakes, it might seem overwhelming at first, but their best by far is the Banana-Churro milkshake created with a slice of fresh, never frozen banana, cinnamon sugar, caramel, half-and-half, and vanilla custard. After it’s blended together, the shake is topped off with whipped cream and a fresh churro rolled in cinnamon sugar straight out of the fryer to assure the best milkshake experience. 

This restaurant is by far one of the best in the area and it would be a mistake not to go here for the remarkable food and cozy vibe. Hope to see you there soon!