PS5 Dualsense Edge Remote Review by Dillan Sarrett


The new PS5 Dual Sense Edge remote just released, and there are a lot of mixed opinions about it. The new PS5 remote has new paddles, changeable analog sticks, and a lot of new settings compared to the regular Dualsense remote. Some of these new settings include things such as a changeable dead zone, changeable trigger distances, and many other things like new and better bindings for buttons. The new is very customizable and can cater to many different styles of gaming. The controller is very good, but it does have some cons, but all around the positives of the remote really outweigh the negatives.

         The new controller has attributes that make it stand out from other remotes, which is why it outshines its competitors. The first major difference is the analog sticks; the remote comes with 3 different types of swappable sticks which are all different heights. It has the regular default stick height, a shorter stick, and taller sticks. The differences between the sticks are very nice and subtle, and they can really improve your performance in different games. The controller also has different levels of trigger stoppers; One makes the remote very short like clicking a mouse, and the other is about halfway between the default and the mouse click triggers. The trigger stoppers are a really nice change because in shooter games you can shoot faster (since you don’t have to push the trigger as far down). Stick drift is a huge problem for people who play games with a remote because, after a while, the analog stick starts picking up movement that isn’t there which makes the analog stick move in a direction that it isn’t being pushed in. But with the new Dualsense Edge, you can take out the analog stick modules and put in new ones for just $20, which is really convenient.

        One negative about the remote is that its battery life is shorter than the regular Dualsense remote. The regular remote has a battery of 12 to 15 hours, while the Edge has only 5.5 hours of battery life. While this is a significant change, it takes less time to charge. The regular Dualsense takes 3 hours to recharge, while the Edge only takes 2. So it’s a

pretty good tradeoff since it gets many more features, and charges faster. It is also really bad that the remote is $200 dollars because that is a very steep price point and is a lot for a remote. But it does come with a lot of accessories including a carry case. The remote pros definitely outweigh the few cons that it has.


The remote is definitely a good purchase if you have the money to spare…Especially if you play a lot of shooter games. For such a steep price, it probably won’t be worth the purchase for casual players and people that don’t really play shooter games.  All in all, I highly recommend the PS5 Dualsense Edge remote to avid gamers who have a little extra money to spend.