Last Of Us


Lindsay Blankenship, Writer

The Last of Us
The last of us is a new HBO Max show based off of the 2013 game “The Last Of Us”. It’s about a fungi outbreak in 2003 causing mutations in human genes and the fungi spread throughout the body and take over the mind. The show surrounds two main characters named Joel and Ellie. Joel was tasked with taking Ellie to the “Fireflys” a group of rebels targeting the quarantine zones. Unfortunately, the fireflies that were supposed to take her were all killed, most likely by raiders. It’s important that Ellies finds the group of these scientists because she was bitten but never got infected. It seems as though she may have a chance to find a cure for this disease.

What went into production?
The production of this HBO show was actually filmed during the strict Covid protocols which can limit the amount of fun behind-the-scenes clips and other behind-the-scenes interviews and things like that. However, I feel that the show has done a really good job bringing the game to life and still incorporating the fun elements that come with having a tv show.

How is the script?
I actually really enjoyed the writing they’ve done in the show so far. For very important and memorable scenes it seems that the script follows word for word what was said in the game and I do think that it’s important to keep true to the game so that the main audience is able to really connect with the show the way they connected with the game. Of course, the entire show isn’t exactly like the game. The show goes more in-depth and shows all sorts of scenes from different points of view. It’s a very good strategy because it really shows how the world has changed and how different people are adapting and being prepared. I think the script so far is a 10/10. The way the characters are speaking and thinking really allows the audience to connect with them and almost feel what the characters are feeling in certain moments.

How is the acting?
The acting of these actors is absolutely amazing. The show is very emotional and the characters seriously portray that. There has been some loss in the show so far and the actors’ reactions especially Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) allow for the audience to feel their raw emotions and feel the pain they feel.