Netflix Star Percy Hynes White Faces Concerning Accusations


Parker Smith, Writer

     Netflix breakout star Percy Hynes White, played Xavier Thorpe on Tim Burtons Wednesday that released late November 2022. As of late, however, some recent accusations stemming from unsavory decisions in his youth he may not be returning to the show for season two. 

     Around the time that season two was announced multiple concerning accusations surfaced against White. Multiple women came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct, supplying drugs, and mental and physical abuse throughout his teenage and young adult years.  White allegedly drugged, gaslit, and bullied multiple women alongside a few of his high school friends. These allegations have led to many people wondering if he should be allowed to reprise his role as Xavier Thorpe. Netflix and other Wednesday stars have not spoken on the matter yet, however. White himself has also not specifically addressed these allegations. Despite these accusations, there is no investigation occurring looking into the validity of these statements. 

     Around the time these accusations surfaced on Twitter, a video of White talking about how his mother had punched him before went viral. This statement may give some context to White’s actions, as abuse is often referred to as a cycle, and it is very difficult to end said cycle. This doesn’t justify White’s alleged actions, however, but it does provide a much-needed explanation of the situation. People on Twitter also accused him of being racist and supporting racist posts on Instagram and Twitter. However, there is no evidence proving these claims. The name Percy was trending on Twitter and more and more people came forward with their stories and accusations against White. 

     Because there is no official investigation being launched, it is likely Percy Hynes White will return as Xavier Thorpe for season two of Wednesday. However, it is not officially confirmed whether or not Netflix will act on the matter.