The Adam Project – Movie Review


What’s it about?

The Adam Project is about a time traveler who is looking to save the future, but accidentally lands in 2022 and comes in contact with his younger self. Now his present and younger self have to work

 together to complete a mission. Will he and his 12-year-old self be able to save the future? Along their journey, they come across multiple challenges and surprises. But they get through the hard obstacles

 together and are an amazing team.

The actors –

The main characters are played by Ryan Reynolds (Adam Reed – older),

 Walker Scobell (Adam Reed – Younger), Jennifer Garner (Ellie Reed), and Zoe Zaldana (Laura Shane). Each actor plays their role amazingly and really fits their character perfectly, whether it’s their great acting or perfect charm, they make the movie surreal and give it the perfect rhythm. Let’s take a look at each individual actor and what they do best! 

More about the actors – 

Ryan Reynolds – Age ~ 46

According to many people, Ryan Reynolds is a very charming person and an amazing actor. He has won a multitude of awards and has been in many popular movies such as Free Guy, Red Notice, Deadpool (1 and 2), 6 Underground, and many more. Overall he is a very talented and experienced actor, and his role in this movie fits him perfectly.

Walker Scobell – Age ~ 14

The adam project is one of Walker Scobells first movie premiers along with him being in secret headquarters. He was also cast to be in Percy Jackson, so when that movie gets released he will be in a total of three films. He is a great child actor and truly puts his heart and soul into his acting. 

Jennifer Garner – Age ~ 50 

Jennifer Garner is another amazing actor who just adds a spark to the movies she is in. The way her connection with each character seems so realistic and genuine really gives the movie a higher level of sophistication and dynamic. She really clicks into character and acts as if it is her normal day-to-day life. Actors like Garner are needed in the film industry in order to give movies and shows the perfect addition of liveliness. 

Zoe Zaldana – Age ~ 44

Zoe Zaldana is most known for her role in the avatar franchise with the most recent film released being Avatar: The way of water. Her acting career started in 2000 when she was cast in Center Stage and had the role of a ballet dancer. Throughout her acting career, she has been in many different movies and has had to play multiple roles and in each of those she has done a great job. 

Is this movie for you?

The genre of The Adam Project is science fiction and drama. The Adam project also has a lot of action and intensity. So if you are the type of person who loves when there is a lot going on and there is a mission to solve, The Adam Project is the perfect fit. This movie is also perfect for a variety of ages, although it is rated pg-13, this movie can be appealing to all age categories above the age of 13. If you’re wondering if this movie is good quality and has good cinematography, then the answer is yes. This movie has very high-quality cinematography and is very impressive. Along with that, the scripting is amazing and the overall scheme of the movie is of great quality. 

My Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐