Senioritis, it’s real


Julianna DeCicco, Writer

With the third quarter approaching, seniors are only getting more and more tired. The term “Senioritis” is a term used by students and teachers meaning affliction of students in their final year of high school. It is characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. The signs of senioritis are decreased motivation towards school work, tardiness, absences, and a decrease in grades.

Did you know that most college acceptance letters specify that you must continue to do well in high school until you graduate? Your senior year allows colleges to take a look at how you perform academically. It can make or break your scholarship chances. Most scholarships also have a minimum GPA requirement, so slacking off in senior year could ruin your chance at even applying for a scholarship in the first place. Colleges can take back any offers you received if they continue to see a decline in your academic performance, so try your best to keep your head up!

Thankfully, there are ways to keep yourself motivated to not get senioritis. The first step to overcoming senioritis is to identify your symptoms; once you know what you’re up against, you’re more capable of addressing the problem. One idea to keep in mind is to know you’re only a teenager once, so try to savor your last year of high school. Also, try to set some goals for the rest of the year. Setting goals will help you stay engaged in school intellectually and socially. Try to explore a passion, interest, or activity you didn’t have time for while you were busy with college applications. Perhaps it’s volunteering in your community, or even trying a new sport. Doing anything that can distract you from the thought of rushing to graduate. Try your best to stay organized, falling behind or procrastinating will only make your senioritis worse! Breaking up your work into smaller pieces will make it feel a lot more manageable.

Are you an underclassman worried about senioritis? When making your schedule for your senior year, try adding in some electives that you may be interested in. Maybe try getting yourself involved with the school whether it be joining clubs, or maybe trying out a new sport. Whatever it may be that you decide to do after high school, let whatever you’re looking forward to helping keep you determined to succeed. Get excited about your opportunities post-graduation and use that to fuel your motivation through your final year.

Many students and parents wonder, “Is senioritis real?” Technically, it isn’t a medical diagnosis, but the symptoms of senioritis are real. The feeling of it just wanting graduation day to come quicker is completely normal. But in these last few months, savor them, because years from now you’re going to look back on them and wish they went by slower.