How to have a Better Body Image


About Body Image                             

You see on the internet all the time using filters. Using editing apps to make their body look better but it’s not really them. It’s fake and then for yourself, you feel less confident and wanna look like those girls having the most perfect body ever. Don’t make yourself feel like that it’s bad for your confidence just be yourself no one is perfect. You can do all that without faking it but do it for yourself not other people. It will make you feel less worried because everyone is different and perfect in their own way.

How to have confidence in yourself

When you look at yourself in the mirror you most likely say. “I’m so ugly” or “I wish I looked better” never say that about yourself. What you have to do to make yourself feel more confident is get up in the morning, put on a cute outfit, do your hair and makeup, and walk into school with your head up high looking good and more confident doing that will help your confidence and self-esteem a lot. Not being so lazy all the time and throwing on sweats and a sweatshirt every day, you’re not gonna feel confident if you do that but maybe everyone knows how to be confident in their own way even if it’s something little they know it makes them feel better for themselves.

How to deal with social media involving body image

Don’t compare yourself to other people. It can make you horrible and start bad habits like eating disorders to lose weight or just because they feel bad about their body. They say they eat but they really don’t. What can help with that is deleting anything that can affect you in any way on social media so you don’t have to look at it. Do things that you know will help you, sometimes get take out or lounge around all day. It’s your body. We are all human, and no one is perfect so do what you want to feel more comfortable with yourself. You can also workout too if that helps you, working out can help your body and mind, or even doing yoga it can be relaxing even though it’s not hardcore it’s still something that you’re doing to feel relaxed and calm

How to fix your body image

Going to the gym and staying active not only helps your body image but it helps your body health mentally and physically. This can help the brain see yourself in the mirror noticing a change and feeling more better about yourself even if no one sees it through their eyes. You’re the only person that has to see the change to feel better. Even if you still feel bad about your body and don’t wanna keep trying, that’s fine too don’t push yourself to do something it can be really hard on yourself. Some days people need a break and that’s normal for you and your body.