Ginny and Georgia: Is it worth the Hype?


What is Ginny and Georgia about?

Ginny and Georgia is about a mother and her daughter escaping a rough past and adjusting to their new home in Wellsbury, Massachusetts. The mother, Georgia, is running from her past and takes her children Ginny and Austin, who she had as a teenager, with her on this journey as she tries to give her children the life they want and deserve.

Issues touched upon in the show

Major issues that are touched upon in the show are racism, sexism, consent, self-harm, and mental health awareness. It is so significant to be able to touch upon major issues such as this to show that people struggling with them are not alone. Spreading awareness for these issues, especially with a show as popular as Ginny and Georgia is a truly powerful thing. The show is rated 7.5/10 on IMDB and is a TV-MA show. 


I thought Ginny and Georgia was a well-curated, binge-worthy, and encapturing TV show. The show touched upon major issues while simultaneously making the show entertaining, You find a way to sympathize with characters who do unspeakable things, personalize yourself with the characters, and You are not only unable to take your eyes off the screen, but you are unable to not press, “next episode”

Where to stream

As popular as it is, Ginny and Georgia is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix. To stream it, you must have a monthly subscription which costs $9.99 per month as a starting cost.