Who Is The New Girl? – All About Fox’s “New Girl”


Lydia Abruzzo, Author

     New Girl‘s first season was aired on September 20, 2011. It aired seven seasons, with 146 episodes total. Each episode is around 21 to 24 minutes. With short episodes and an amazing plot, New Girl is a show that will make you want to binge-watch every episode over and over again. This article will convince you to add New Girl to your watch list on Netflix.


     After main character, Jessica Day, went through a bad breakup with her boyfriend and had to move out of his house. This left her with nowhere to go. She looks on an apartment rental website and finds a loft apartment with three other roommates living there. She decides to go and meet them and she ends up moving into the loft with three single men. In general, the guys find Jessica very strange most of the time, but they grow to support her. Throughout the seven seasons, the viewers watch Jessica, the three men, and the other characters grow into best friends and for some reason more than just friends. 


     The characters are well-written, each having a unique personality. All the characters throughout the seasons develop and this makes the viewer feel like they personally know the characters and watched them in a sense growing up. Not only that but each character has an amazing “goodbye” to the show when it’s time for them to move on. The writers created this by adding humor into why they wouldn’t be in the series anymore. Despite many people disagreeing with this, the writers admitted that around 20% of the show was improvised and the actors had a lot of say about different scenes and different lines. This added a “real-life” vibe to the show and caused the show to feel like the viewers were watching a group of people’s everyday life meaning it was corny or seemed made up. 


     The acting made the show feel like the characters were real people in real life. The show is rated TV-14 so the acting is for a more mature audience. The actors make the show alive and the viewers can tell that the actors enjoy their characters. Every actor takes on the role as it is their personality in real life and their real identity. Not only are they amazing individually, but they also worked amazingly well with the other actors. The friendships seemed like real general friendships, just like the friendship that the viewers have. The acting was truly impressive. 


     The show was produced in Los Angeles. The producers made sure the actors felt comfortable with who their character was. In the beginning, the scenes were a little boring but began to become more interesting at the end of the first season and just got better as the show went on. The producers put a lot of effect into the special details in the apartment making sure the apartment felt lived in. Not only that, the production team made sure each character had a different style and all the character’s personalities were shown no matter where the characters were.

     In all, New Girl is a show that is differently worth watching. From the amazing characters, plots, and humor, you will never get bored when watching. Next time you are bored and on Netflix click on New Girl, and give it a try. I promise it will be worth it.