Teen Wolf Review

Teen Wolf Review

Parker Smith, Writer

     Teen Wolf aired its first season in 2011 on MTV. It was a modernized take on the 1985 classic movie, Teen Wolf starring Micheal J. Fox. However, the newer show wasted no time straying from the movie. Is Teen Wolf worth watching, or should you stick to the classic, this article will debate that very question. 


     Teen Wolf’s first season is about the trials and tribulations of a teenage boy named Scott Mccall who has just been turned into a bloodthirsty werewolf. Together he and his best friend, the sheriff’s son, Stiles Stilinski begin to discover the mysteries of their town Beacon Hills. They meet other werewolves along the way and try to discern the cause of the strange attacks happening in their town, all while figuring out how to function as a teen wolf. As the show progresses, Scott and Stiles’s friend group grows, and in turn, so does Scott’s pack of werewolves. New villains and threats are introduced throughout the series and Scott, with the help of his friends, have to protect Beacon Hills all while trying to lead a normal life. The show is the right mix of humor and seriousness, so it will keep watchers engaged and entertained throughout. 


     The characters are well-written and the storyline is cohesive. The characters are interesting and have complex personalities and backstories that suit them extremely well. There is obvious character growth for many if not all of the characters throughout the show’s six seasons, as well as satisfying endings and new beginnings for some. Despite these positives, there are some areas that need to be improved. Some characters are written off with questionable endings, namely villains. It is unfulfilling and unsatisfying to see such major characters written off like nothing. Despite this, everything else about the character development and writing is extremely well done and designed to have the watcher stay invested in the characters and their story. The worldbuilding is what makes this series so interesting. It is a large, yet cohesive supernatural world that the characters are discovering along with the watchers.


     The acting in Teen Wolf is designed to catch the attention of teenagers but people of all ages enjoy the show and its storylines. The actors were cast perfectly for their roles and do a fantastic job of portraying the intensity or hilarity of the moment. The actors have good on-screen chemistry and really make the friendships and relationships believable. It is hard to hate even the evilest characters, simply because they are well-written and believable. The actors do a good job portraying even the most subtle of emotions. 

Production And Effects

     It is obvious that in the earlier seasons, the budget was pretty low. The practical effects and green screening are not the best but do get slightly better in later seasons. The special effects makeup is done well and consistently, helping to make a more cohesive world. The prosthetics are applied well, match the actor’s skin tone, and most importantly suit the character well. Considering the show aired in 2011, we can forgive some of the poor effects as it would be hard to compare them to current effects technology. 

     Overall MTV’s Teen Wolf is definitely worth watching. It keeps the watcher engaged and interested, has well-written and acted characters, and of course an ever-changing, interesting plot line. You can find Teen Wolf on Hulu, Paramount Plus, or Apple TV. While it is an older show, it does not pale in comparison to more recent supernatural shows.