December Library Book of The Month: The Selection

December Library Book of The Month: The Selection

Sofia Cambareri, Author

     Set in a dystopian society focused on caste systems and the possible rise to fame, The Selection, by Kiera Cass, is a beautiful trilogy written for all kinds of teens!

The Selection is a trilogy about a girl named America Singer, who lives in a caste-based society, having to work much harder than the upper classes for basic necessities like food and clothes. America receives the opportunity of a lifetime, to enter a competition against thirty-five girls, to win the “prince’s heart.” The Selection takes a certain amount of girls from each caste and allows them to live in the castle with the prince, known as Prince Maxon, while going on dates and partaking in different challenges to win him over. America has a secret boyfriend back home, and she doesn’t want to change her entire life to be with somebody else, but she enters the competition in hopes of providing for her family, who is struggling to make ends meet. By participating in the selection, a check gets sent home to each family over the course of time girls are staying at the castle, allowing the families in lower castes to obtain a better life. 

    While America doesn’t want to be a part of the selection, as time goes on, more and more girls start to get eliminated from the competition by Prince Maxon, America slowly starts to fall in love with him, which leaves her in a difficult situation with her love, Aspen, back at home. What will America do? Will she continue to battle against other girls for Prince Maxon’s heart, and for the sake of her family? Or will she stay faithful to Aspen, her one true love, or so she thought, back at home?

If you’re interested in a thrilling romance story, and one girl fighting for love, check out The Selection, available in the school’s library, or any bookstore near you, to find out more. This suspenseful trilogy may be something you never expected!