Being More Optimistic

Being More Optimistic

Don’t get confused. When I say be more optimistic I don’t mean pretend you don’t have any more problems and your life is completely perfect, I just mean try and start to focus on good things in certain situations and how you can make things even better.

How to start

The first step is to remember not to be too hard on yourself. You are learning and trying something new, this will take time.
Now you must start maximizing your success. If you did a good job with something, be proud of yourself and allow yourself time to be happy and celebrate your win.
If you fail at something you can start by finding out how to do better next time and allow room for growth. Be happy you are able to learn from this failure.
Remember that the more you practice optimism the more naturally it will start to come to your thoughts.

What are the benefits?

Yes! Research shows that being more optimistic allows for a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Research also shows that optimistic people tend to naturally have less stress or have fewer reactions to stressful situations. You will become more committed to your goals, as well as more likely to achieve them.
An optimistic mental and physical health will be more overall

Don’t forget to analyze your thoughts!

As a person throughout your day, many thoughts will come and go. To be more optimistic, start analyzing your thoughts and seeing if they fall into the more negative or positive categories.
If they fall into the more positive categories don’t forget to acknowledge that and give yourself some credit for your new more forward-thinking.
If your thoughts fall into negative categories re-analyze them and try to turn them into something positive. This will take time to learn and master but will make a great difference in your everyday life.