BTS: Putting Down the Microphone and Picking Up the Tactical Weaponry


The Announcement

Recently, Korean pop group BTS made an announcement that left their fans devastated. On October 17, 2022, BTS revealed the answer to a question they have been facing since they gained popularity. Will they be forced to join the military? Sadly, the answer is yes. A few months prior to this announcement they went on a hiatus, presumably to prepare for some members going into the army. While BTS will be disbanding for a little bit, they announced that they plan to regroup in 2025 after their military service.

Military Service

In South Korea, it is required for every able-bodied male to serve in the military for 18-21 months. They are required to serve by the time they are 28 and the earliest they can go into the military is 18. There are exceptions to these rules though, If someone is in a profession that “improves the public image of South Korea” then their service may be delayed. In 2020, a law known as the BTS law was passed, allowing the members of BTS to delay their service until they turn 30 because of their contributions to pop culture.  People can also be exempt from physical service due to health-related issues but they are still required to serve the military in some way, through social work or medical jobs. 


Jin, BTS’ oldest member at 29, has decided to perform his military service and insists that the other members of BTS will do it when it is their time. The youngest member, Jungkook, will be the last to serve his military duty. BTS decided to publicly announce their decision to join the military not only to inform their fans but to end the controversy about whether they should be exempt from their duty. It has been heavily debated since the band’s debut in 2015 so BTS rapper, Suga put out a statement saying that if anyone is trying to cash in on BTS about the issue, they should shut up about the issue.

The popular K-pop group will return in 2025 after every member has completed their military service. Fans will be glad to hear that some members will be producing more solo music after their return. We are all awaiting the return of BTS and wishing them safety in the army.