Hauppauge/Smithtown Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving Team Wins Leagues for the Third Year in a row

Hauppauge/Smithtown Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving Team Wins Leagues for the Third Year in a row

Hauppauge/Smithtown Results 

On October 26th the Hauppauge Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving team successfully won the League 1 Championships for their 3rd year in a row. The girls placed first with 347 points edging out Half Hollow Hills/ KP by 44 points and the rest of the League 1 teams. Hauppauge/Smithtown won the 200 medley relay. Hailey Wilcox placed 5th in the 200-yard freestyle following closely behind in 7th place, Jessica Cronin and 9th place Victoria MacKay. In the 200 Yard, IM Hauppauge/Smithtown placed 4th, 5th, and 6th. In the 50-yard freestyle, they placed 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. In 100 fly Leah Treglia placed first followed by a 4th and 5th place finish for the team. The 100-yard freestyle placed 2nd, 4th, and 5th. The 500-yard free placed 4th, 5th, and 6th. The 200-yard freestyle relay placed first. The 100-yard backstroke champion, Leah Treglia placed first in the 100 backstroke, followed by a 4th and 5th place finish. The 100-yard breaststroke claimed a 3rd and 5th place finish, and finally, the girls ended with a 3rd place finish in the 400 Yard Freestyle relay. This led to a first-place overall finish in the League 1 Championship meet. 

How they succeededUntitled photo

Now, what does it take to be a league champion? Hauppauge-Smithtown practices every day during the week after school which is no different than any other sport. So, what makes them so successful? It is a mixture of many things, like one, the amazing coaching staff, and the amazing group of girls who are constantly putting in the work and effort and always trying their very best. The practices are very similar each day because their coaches know exactly what they are doing and they know how to coach their team to victory. The practices may seem very simple and boring but if you put in the right amount of effort and really do the sets the correct way they can be super beneficial. Brandon Modrov (head coach) has coached numerous swimmers to states, a few out of the big bunch made it all the way to becoming a state champion, which is an amazing accomplishment. He has been coaching for many years and a few years back he coached his younger brother all the way to the Olympic Trials. So, to say the coaches know what they are doing is an understatement. 

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The journey up to leagues

As previously stated the girls worked super hard to make it this far but they also worked as a team to help in relays, they had pasta parties and a senior meet. The Senior Meet honored their fellow swimmers who were graduating and it served to reflect their journeys and their success on the team. Many pasta parties happened before each meet. These pasta parties allowed the girls to share a meal together and bond before a meet. There were many contributions made to the success of the Hauppauge-Smithtown Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving Teams’ success in winning their League 1 Championship Meet. These above are only some of the accomplishments and contributions that went on during their year.