Kanye West Runs for President 2024


Who is Kanye West?

Kanye West announced and has been discussing on the news recently his potential run for the presidency in 2024. Kanye West is an infamous rapper who has been making music since January 2004. He recently lost 2 billion dollars and his brand deal with both Adidas and Gap. Although he is best known for his music, his entrance into the world of politics has turned heads. Kanye West formerly ran for president in 2020 and he faces controversy as many teenagers and adults alike see his name on the ballot.

What are Kanye West’s Views and what has he done?
Kanye West is a conservative Republican who has been known to in interviews say very controversial things. Kanye West is the first black billionaire in America and has brand deals across the country. He suffers from Bipolar disorder. He has since 200 discussed his potential run in 2024 but has become much more serious about spreading his views and establishing his candidacy. In 2020 Kanye West gave a campaign rally speech that went viral on the internet and although his run is controversial it has not shocked many.

What Can We Expect?
Kanye West’s running will likely result in a loss considering he has never done much politics. His Instagram and other social media are enough to make someone bat an eye, but he has been very public about his campaign.