How to Feel Like You Own The Sky: Tips for Plane Travel


      When traveling on a plane, it’s easy to get stressed out. Booking your ticket, packing your suitcase, and even the plane ride itself can be overwhelming. To relieve some stress from the process, here are some tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable.

Packing Your Suitcase

     Packing is the most essential part of your preparation for your trip. To help organize what you will bring, make a list of the essential items that you would like to bring. After that, run through your daily routine and make note of all the items that you use. This will make packing your suitcase a breeze! One must also consider which suitcase will fit all their items. You may think of bringing a carry-on or checking a bag, size based on how long your trip is. When you are finished packing, make sure that you did not over or under-pack your bag. 

What To Do At The Gate

Waiting at the gate is one of the worst parts of the airport experience. To make sure your experience is calm and enjoyable, wear loose comfortable clothes. To maximize your comfort, bring a blanket or pillow to take a quick nap at your gate. After taking a quick nap, doing some activities can pass the time such as reading a book, listening to music, and getting some work. These are all fun activities that can help pass time waiting for your inevitably delayed flight. You might get hungry while waiting so make sure to take advantage of the many restaurants and food stands to tide you over. Waiting at the gate can be boring, but don’t let it be! 

Plane Etiquette

After finally boarding the plane, politely greet your seatmates and get comfortable. If you have a carry-on, make sure to secure your bag in the overhead bin and leave room for your seatmates. Having storage for your bag is simply better than having it loose. After you take your seat again, sitting down for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, so make sure to get up and stretch every once and a while. Another thought to keep in mind is the people in front and back of you. While reclining your seat make sure that you do not entirely inconvenience the person behind you. This is just being polite to the other passengers. Being polite does not end with your seatmates, it also extends to the flight attendants. Being kind to any service worker is a commonly accepted rule across all public services. Having polite etiquette with the people around you and the flight attendants will make the environment more enjoyable. With all this information now you can feel like you own the sky on your next trip!