Hydro-Stars: Out of This World or Just Meh?

Hydro-Stars: Out of This World or Just Meh?

 What’s a Hydro-Star?   

     Starface is a skincare brand that attempts to change the perception of acne by using their less than subtle Hydro-Star pimple patch to encourage people to think of acne treatment as cute and fun. When Starface was founded in 2019 they released their debut product, The Hydro-Star. A small, cartoonish-looking pimple patch in the shape of a bright yellow star. The patch is made from hydrocolloid, which is proven to accelerate the healing of a breakout and is used commonly in surgical dressings. These Hydro-Stars have gotten extremely positive reviews from websites like Glamour.com and Amazon. The effective nature of this product and its fun aesthetic definitely make it worth your money.

What Do They Do?

     Hydro-Star’s main purpose is to help clear acne-prone skin by absorbing the fluid from a pimple and protecting the wound after it has been opened. The substance the Hydro-Stars are made from, Hydrocolloid, is clinically proven to improve the appearance of pimples by reducing inflammation even after taking the patch off. While wearing a Hydro-Star your face is protected from harmful bacteria to prevent breakouts in the future, not just to heal the pimples you have now. 

Who Is It For?

     Starface says that their products are for anyone who suffers from acne but the bright colors and cartoonish aesthetic are marketed more toward teenage audiences, as acne is much more frequent and common in that age group. Starface also offers a student discount to those who buy from their website with an account on the website, StudentBeans.

Pros and Cons

    While Hydro-Stars are extremely effective at clearing acne, they can still have some downsides to them. First, if you’re looking for a pimple patch that is subtle, Hydro-stars are not the product for you. Starface’s products are meant to stand out and inspire people to feel comfortable with the treatment of their acne, which is why they are bright colors and star-shaped. Another con of the Hydro-Stars is that they can be slightly expensive. A standard pack of around ninety hydrocolloid patches on Amazon is around eight dollars, while a pack of Starface Hydro-Stars is fifteen dollars for a pack of thirty-two. If you are willing to stand out and pay a little extra for a higher-quality product, then Starface Hydro-Stars should be your product of choice.