Heatless Hair Curlers? Are they Worth it?


Avery Marchese, Author

     Curling your hair the night before an event, school, or anything will almost always lead to fallout when you’re sleeping. In addition, curling your hair before you go out shaves off a huge chunk of your time in getting ready. Personally, I need all the time I can get sleeping or doing my last-minute outfit changes over doing my hair. So, I decided to buy the heatless curlers that you can wear before bed. This product is for people just like me, who enjoy having that extra time for sleep but still desire long-lasting curls! 

There are many ways to curl your hair heatlessly, with socks, a wrap, old fashion curlers, and more. I decided to go with these wavers; they are springy and sit right on your hair! Let’s see if this product is worth it rather than using a curling iron! 

Following directions: These wavers/curlers can be a little difficult at first. You get a plastic tool to hook your hair on, then you shove the stick wrapped in your hair into the waver. You then simultaneously pull out the stick and your hair should fall into place in the waver. For me, it took a lot of tries for this to work out. My hair would either get into a knot or get stuck onto the hook.   This image shows what I described, but the one issue I see is that the girl in the photo doesn’t have her curlers going to the root. When curling your hair, you want the curl to be from basically your root to the end piece of your hair. Capturing the hair isn’t really the issue, it’s hooking your hair from the oot without getting it tangled.

Cons: It took me around an hour or more to get all the wavers in. This is mostly because I struggled with getting my hair just into the waver, but then I had to repeat that same step over and over. I felt like when I was doing this process, the sock method would have worked just as well. My hair didn’t have significantly better waves either. Also, I found them hard to sleep in, they were a little irritating. I mean, they were irritating, to the point where I was going to rip them all out just to sleep in peace. But beauty is pain! Yes, they looked good, but was it worth the time it took? I would have to disagree, but I am also very impatient. Following this, you need to have damp hair when doing wavers for better results, so my hair was still wet in the morning and my roots look greasy, which isn’t a curler problem itself, but it’s an effect of using them. 

Pros: I have to say first off, I am not by any means a good hairstylist. I can braid hair and do a ponytail, but that’s about it. So, if you are like me and struggle with hair care and hair products, I do recommend this product. It was simple enough to get down after a couple of tries, and the curls did last me all day. This product also doesn’t damage your hair like a heated curler does. This does not fry your hair when you curl it, so it remains healthy. Lastly, I would like to add on the fact that these curlers can be used for the rest of your life, you never need to throw them away or buy new ones, unlike curling irons that may break or run out of heat storage due to overuse.

Cost, Is It Worth The Money? 

     After researching other curling products that achieve the same curl as these wavers, the wavers are always cheaper. A 30-piece pack on Amazon with multiple hooks costs $17.99.  Curling irons that are $120 can be achieved by a product that is more than half its price! This product is cost-effective and time effective. Worth the money!


Other reviews: Someone on Amazon said, ¨These are really cute. I appreciate there’s no heat involved, unless you introduce it. They are a bit wonky to use because if you don’t wrap the hair around the utensil, you have to start over. Not a big deal, but if you have an impatient kid like I do, I can cause a little frustration! My daughter liked having them in, she didn’t like sleeping with them! She was uncomfortable, however, after she saw how her hair came out, she was super happy and was ok with dealing with the uncomfortableness!¨

Another reviewer said: ¨They work, and if you can stand to sleep in them they’d save a lot of getting ready time in the mornings but HOW does anyone sleep in these?! 30 giant plastic sticks sticking out of your head.¨

https://www.amazon.com/Curlers-Styling-Heatless-Rollers-Hairstyles/dp/B08CSKFRW5/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=Heatless%2BWaves&qid=1665750597&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI1LjM0IiwicXNhIjoiNS4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjUuMTUifQ%3D%3D&sr=8-1-spons&th=1 (where reviews came from) 

Another helpful review from a YouTuber, https://youtu.be/qVAIo8pqNLc 

She went in-depth on how she put in the curls and how it looked after wearing them! 


Many people in the reviews ranked them high in stars but all had the same complaint: the uncomfortableness when sleeping. The material is net-like and a bit scratchy, so it makes sense.

     All in all, the heatless curlers are a good product. If you can get down the directions and be able to deal with the irritation and uncomfortableness it may bring you then it’s worth it. My hair looked curly all day and there were no dead ends or frizz like I would have usually had when using a curling iron. I am able to restore and reuse these wavers and savor those extra minutes of beauty sleep! This product asides its its cons, I think is worth it because of all the things you gain from it!