Vans Sneakers; Are They Worth The Hype?


    Vans sneakers are easily one of the most iconic sneakers out there. You can walk down any hallway in most high schools and very quickly be able to point out many many pairs of Vans. But why are these shoes so popular? Are they durable? Cost-effective? In this article, you will find out!


    Vans shoes for adults generally cost anywhere from sixty-five to eighty-five dollars. This price varies depending on the style of shoe you are purchasing. Low-top shoes tend to cost less than high tops. Vans also often makes shoes in collaboration with popular brands or shows, most recently being Stranger Things. These collaboration shoes do cost more than the regular shoes because they are limited edition. Vans sneakers are on the more expensive side for sneakers, but they use high-quality materials, making them worth the money. 


      The Doren brothers started the Vans company in 1966. Their store is unique because they manufactured their shoes in the same facility they were sold in. In the early seventies, Vans became the popular choice for skateboarders and the company went with this idea and began marketing shoe styles and designs to skaters. In 1977 the Old Skool style of shoes is born. These shoes introduced the iconic vans stripe as an interesting detail, but it later became the brand’s trademark. By the early eighties, Vans had stores all across California and was shipping shoes worldwide. The Sk8-Hi’s were introduced sometime in the early eighties. The Sk8-Hi’s revolutionized skate shoes because they actually protected the ankle bone from the various beatings it would take while skating. These shoes were highly sought after by skaters as no other company had shoes that had the same functionality. Throughout the eighties, Vans starts to become a household name, through various television appearances and a growing empire. Vans, now a wealthy company, sponsors Warped Tour for the first time in 1995, and later will buy control over what is now known as the Vans Warped Tour. Athletes are winning gold medals in Vans’ snowboarding boots, skyrocketing the company’s sales both as regular shoes and snowboarding equipment. 


      Vans sneakers are on the more durable side when it comes to sneakers. Most Vans, with just casual use last anywhere from three to five years. Personally, I have had mine for three years and they are still in extremely good condition. However, if you wear them for skating, their lifespan will but shortened to anywhere from six to twelve months. The hard you skate, and the more extreme tricks you do the shorter your shoes’ lifespan will be. Some people swear by waterproof sealants on their skate shoes make them last longer, but others say that it has little effect. Overall Vans are on average, pretty durable shoes, especially for just casual use. 

     Vans is a company that has stood the test of time and continues to succeed in the ever-changing shoe market. The shoes are durable, relatively cost-effective and the materials are ethically sourced. If you are looking for an everyday pair of sneakers, Vans is definitely the place to look.