Product review of LED light strips

Product review of LED light strips

Lindsey Blankenship, Writer

    LED lights have grown to be very popular since the start of the pandemic in 2020. They are most popular with teenagers and young adults often put in their own bedrooms. Some people have gone as far as putting them in their clothing and their cars. 

Key product features

   The lights have a very long life even if used every day. They also have a very wide selection of colors to choose from so you can match it to any room. LED lights do not get hot after being left on for long periods of time so no need to worry about the heat destroying paint on your bedroom walls. You can also choose the level of brightness the LED lights give off using the dim brightness button on the remote. 

Benefits of using LED lights

    If you put LED lights all around your ceiling they provide a great and bright light source. Others have also said that using certain colors like green on the LED lights can help people to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. People also say that other colors help them better focus on whatever they are working on. LED lights are also designed to be very flexible so you can bend them to whatever shape you choose.

Pros and Cons

PRO: LED light strips also have the ability to sync up to your music and change colors according to the beat of the song playing.

PRO: You can also put your LED lights on a timer so it turns off while you’re not in the room. 

PRO: You can adjust the brightness so your eyes don’t get tired and strained from the light.

CON: Not all LED light strips come with an app, only a remote so if you lose the remote you won’t be able to control the lights properly. 

CON: The strips tend to be very fragile so you must be careful when applying them to whatever surface you want the lights to adhere to.

CON: If the room where you put the LED lights has a constantly changing temperature the adhesive on the back of the LED light strip may start to wear more quickly than in a room at a constant temperature.

LED lights strips intended target

  LED light strips are intended for teenagers and young adults. They are great for young kids as well. They allow for creativity and have a lot of added bonuses than you would expect from regular lights. For example, they produce less heat. 

Purchase information

  Due to the popularity of LED lights there are many companies that manufacture these strips and the most popular place people buy them is Amazon. These LED light strips run for $23.99 on Amazon but are currently on sale for $16.99. KSIPZE states that the assembly of these lights was made to be proficient and easy upon arrival.