How to keep yourself safe from seasonal colds/sicknesses?


    One thing everyone can agree on is that during the fall and wintertime, no one wants to get sick. When everyone in school, work, and stores, starts sniffling you know what time it is. The sound of stuffy noses and coughing everywhere, but never fear there are many ways to keep yourself away from these colds and sicknesses. Following these suggestions won’t guarantee you not getting sick, but they can definitely help. Communities need to come together to do the best they can to keep everyone safe around them. Remembering to do the suggestions below could be a big help in the fall and winter seasons to prevent the spread of sicknesses. 


Clean your hands

    This tip is one of the most important ways to keep yourself and others safe from sicknesses. Take a second and think about how many different objects and surfaces you have touched with your hands just in the last couple of hours. I bet

it has been a lot. Have you ever thought about how many people before you have touched that very same object or surface? I bet you haven’t. That is why it is so important to wash your hands multiple times a day and especially before you eat or do anything that involves you putting your hands on your face. By keeping your hands clean you are making sure you aren’t touching germs and putting them in your mouth, nose, or eyes. 


Take care of your body

   Taking care of your body means many different things. One important part of taking care of your body is getting enough sleep. When a person is overly tired, they are more likely to get sick from being exhausted. The person’s body would not have enough energy to be able to fight off whatever germs are in their body. Not only is it important to get enough sleep, but having a healthy diet can help prevent sicknesses. Foods that have a lot of vitamins can help boost your immune system. Some examples are foods with high amounts of vitamin C, these foods being broccoli, strawberries, and oranges. There are so many ways to take good care of your body, and the more you do the better help your body will be in. This will help you be able to fight off germs. 


Staying home when you are sick

   This tip is pretty simple. When you aren’t feeling well, you have a cough, a fever, or any sign that you might be coming down with a sickness, if you can, you should stay home. You don’t want to be the person walking around coughing on everyone, getting everyone else sick. If you are feeling sick, take the day off, go to the doctor if needed, and rest. The best advice is to not push yourself when you are feeling under the weather because it can cause you to become sicker.