School Organization


What is organizing?

     Being organized is the best thing you can have for yourself. It can keep your mind good, you less stressed and just overall makes you feel good. Organizing can be easy but sometimes hard, you just need to find a way to make it your own so you know it’s good for you and you know where everything is for the school year. As simple as looking online for things to keep your papers in or going to staples and getting a binder to start with if you really don’t know how to organize your things. People think that if you just throw your papers into your bag you’ll find them in the same place the next day but it usually gets crushed, ripped, or somehow lost and that would not be good for you. You’ll thank me when you start to do this.

How to organize in school: 

    The first thing you need is a binder or some kind of folder to keep your papers in. There’s this folder that has about 8 to 9 pockets that you can put a little piece of paper on top to name what it is and it can help you so much so when you’re at the end of the class period you take it out look at the folder to find the class name and slip it in and it’s thin at first but will get thick when the year goes but it helps so much. Something else that can help you is every Friday take out your folder or like everything you have that has your papers and go through it and see if you need the papers or not or like if you don’t need them now but want to keep them for finals that’s a good idea cause that stuff you learn at the beginning of the year most of the time will be on the regents or finals so that following week you will have a half empty folder that has all the stuff you need and the stuff you don’t get out of the folder. Getting a pencil case is a top thing. Having at least five pencils is so important. People lose them all the time and the teacher sometimes doesn’t have them so you’re left with nothing and that’s not good. Other stuff like pens, erasers, and highlighters are good to have in there too.

Things to do to keep organized:

      Having a folder is a good thing and like binders and pencils but another good thing is getting in a routine like writing your homework down or remembering to charge your chrome book at night things like that can make your mind in a good place cause in the morning you will be like okay I know what to do for the day and what I have to do for homework/classwork. Wilbraham & Monson Academy said “Creating a routine can help you stay consistent day to day and week to week.”  They say it helps to keep you on track all the time and will help you not forget anything because it’s in a book. Even if you have something due that’s in a week you should get started on it or even finish it so you don’t have to worry about it when you have other stuff on your plate. It’s so important to know what each class is so make a key or just remember what each class is by the color or put the color down and the class name whatever works for you to help remember it. Studying tests a week in advance or finishing the essay that’s due like three days before it’s due so you don’t write it the day before cause something will happen if you don’t check it over or spell something wrong because you were rushing to get it done in time. Getting stuff done at least a couple of days before the due date can help you stay organized a lot for the school year.