Vanessa Mosad


Vanessa Mosad, Writer

I am Vanessa Mosad I am 16 years old and I am a junior. I have no background in working in the newspaper but I have always loved writing and have been told I have writing that makes an impact. I wanted to be a staff member to get more involved in a writing elective since it is one of my strong suits. A friend recommended it to me and I thought I would try it! I have never been the person to have a lot of creativity and I usually get writer’s block when it comes to picking up a topic but once I have a topic I become invested in it and work hard at writing it. Although I don’t have a specific topic I’m excited to report, I’m excited to find out what I could be passionate about writing for the newspaper. I love music, science, and hanging out with friends. I love summer it’s my favorite season. You can contact me with any ideas or anything you want to speak about at [email protected]!