Alexander Weidemann’s Senior Reflection

     I spent my whole life in another public district. I learned a lot during my 14 years of life in Westbury. I learned through listening the first time and then through consequences. Everything comes with experience and you really build as a person as life goes by. When moving to the Hauppauge district, I was welcomed in open hands from my classmates and especially from my soccer team. Everyone was cool with me and treated me like family. That’s one thing I learned and that is you must be nice to everyone and open to everyone just like you wish they would be to you. I’ve learned in the classroom that you must have fun to do well but also pay attention and be committed. To fully pass a class and understand, you have to study and do your work. As long as you try, teachers will recognize it and so will colleges. I also learned that it is okay to do bad things and fall off sometimes in the classroom, it’s gonna happen and there is nothing you can do about it because we are not perfect. We are not machines and it’s hard to keep going straight for such a long time but we must always bounce back and finish off strong. So my advice to all freshmans is to have that social life, whether it is clubs, after school or sports but don’t forget your academics because that will determine your future and that’s the most important thing. In order to have this social life, you need to be outgoing and put yourself out there, not everything is just gonna come your way. Finally, memories that I will be remembering when leaving Hauppauge High School are my varsity senior year and my sophomore jv year because not only did I get to play full games on the field with my team, but I bonded the most with my teammates. I remember playing in kicks4cancer and putting on that pink jersey which happens only once a year. It was like an honor playing on that field and it felt so special to play that game in front of more than half the school present there. That was the most memorable moment I had during my 3 years at Hauppauge high school.

By: Alexander Weidemann