Why You Should Buy Doc Martens

Why You Should Buy Doc Martens

Parker Smith, Author

     Doc Martens are a British-owned shoe company. They make many different styles of boots and loafers. The company began in 1901 in Northhamptonshire, England. They were designed to be affordable work boots but grew in popularity and spread worldwide. The shoes are a staple in American fashion today. 


      When the company began the boots were a whopping three dollars. Today however the average pair of black doc martens cost one hundred and seventy dollars. The prices can vary due to the style of the shoe, the design, and if they are platforms. But why the drastic price change? The shoes were originally designed to be affordable work shoes but are now an everyday fashion item, leading to the drastic increase in price. The company also shifted from a small family-owned business to a large-scale company. Back when the company was founded, the boots were less than cool. They were frowned upon, as they were one of the cheapest options for work boots available. 

Growing Popularity 

     Doc Martens grew in popularity when the punk movement started picking up. They became the poster shoe for punks all over England. Doc Martens became synonymous with the punks and their ideology. This is when the shoes began to grow in price as well as popularity. The punk movement started in the 1970s in order to rebel against the oppressive social conditions in England. They used the obscenity of their clothes, music, and artwork to shock and offend mainstream culture and people.

Doc Martens Today

      Today the shoes are a part of many people’s everyday wardrobe. They can be found at almost every shoe store and there are many many knock off’s. They are much more mainstream than they once were as well. They are still a staple of alternative clothing, but are also a part of mainstream culture, especially among teenagers. 


    The shoes are made from nice quality leather and rubber soles. The metal accents are long-lasting aluminum, and the laces are designed not to fray with use. Doc Martens will last you a very long time if you care for them right. Clean and condition your shoes, and they will last for years to come.

     Doc Martens have made their mark in fashion throughout time. They will continue to evolve with fashion for a very long time. Although the shoes are expensive, they are such an amazing purchase. They are great quality, are very comfortable, and last a very long time with proper care. I highly recommend shopping for your very own pair of doc martens.